Call for innovations in textile.
Awards 2021


Textirama Foundation funds innovative projects in the textile industry.

This call for innovations is an open call for ideas, concepts, products, materials or processes that challenge the Belgian textile industry and stimulate the digital transformation. Projects submitted may target media, markets, products or processes M2P2(M2P2) . An independent jury will evaluate the projects. The finalists receive financial support and will benefit from access to the industry's network.


Apply for one of the following categories:

category 1: TAKE-OFF AWARD
Entrepreneurs with take-off projects

€ 40.000 of seed capital

This is a call to entrepreneurs with projects that contribute to the innovative power and digital transition of the Belgian textile sector. Is your project already concrete (e.g. a prototype or 'proof of concept')? Have you already passed the idea formation phase? And does your project, product of service also meet the requirements below:

Then this is your chance to make a breakthrough.
Need some inspiration? Check out the Awards 2020 tab. You will find more info and pitch movies of each nominee there.

category 2: CONCEPT AWARDS
Open to everyone with concept ideas

2 Finalists will win
€ 5.000 in cash

No idea is too early. Are you an ideator with an innovative idea or concept? Are you a private person, a company, a student or do you represent a school? Go ahead, participate! The ideas submitted in this category need further detailing. The proposals are in the concept- or ideation phase. There is no prototype yet, the feasibility has yet to be examined and the market research still needs to be conducted. The concepts also meet the requirements below:

Need inspiration? Check out the Awards 2020 tab.

Some frequently asked questions

1What is the difference between Concept and Take-off awards?

Both categories call for innovations in the textile industry, but to submit a project in the take-off category, your innovation will have to be 'market ready'. This means you have a proof of concept, a minimum viable product and the market has been researched. All the above is not necessary for entries in the Concept awards. A bold idea, well substantiated, based on the hypothetical needs of a target audience meets the demands. But take care, it looks easier than it is. Your submission wil have to comply to the formal demands. Find them here

2I am a civil servant, am I allowed to participate?

The answer is simple: yes. Everyone is eligible, whether you are a private person, a legal entity (a company) or a school. You can participate if you live or are established in Belgium and your proposal meets the formal requirements. Find them here

3How can I participate as a university or school?
We are particularly pleased that schools are willing to participate and encourage this. As a Belgian school you can participate in different ways. You can represent your school with a team, you can register as a department (for example textiles, multi-media, IT, marketing, healthcare, ...) or as a student. We invite heads of departments to introduce the Textirama Foundation competition to their students and - why not - to supervise and help teams who want to be part of the competition. We will be happy to answer your questions: ask them here
4Is my idea, product or design protected when I participate?

Yes and no. Yes, because everyone, jury and Textirama Foundation employees, sign an NDA or a confidentiality agreement. No if you have not deposited your own idea, design or product yourself. As soon as you come out with your concept, it is wise to first record it in an i-DEPOT. This gives you official proof that you owned the concept on a certain date. And thus also serves as a proof if there is a conflict about who the creator is. You can deposit your idea or product online via the BOIP website. You will also find a lot of useful information here

5What can I do and NOT do with the money I might win?

You can only use the sum you win as an investment in your project. You decide what that investment entails. As long as the investment goes to the project and is used for the benefit of the Belgian textile industry. For example, the investment may NOT be used to fund your private trip. It may be used to attract Belgian investors. Did you have something in mind? Ask us via this link

6I have a specific question, how can I talk to you?

We are happy to answer all of your questions. Please send us a mail via this link. We will reach out to you as soon as we can.


A review of the Textirama Foundation Award ceremony 2020


Renowned Jury

A seven person strong, seasoned and renowned jury will assess the submitted projects and draw up a ranking. The highest ranking will be awarded.