Call for innovations in textile

We are happy to announce
that our savvy jury has come to a decicion.

We fund innovative projects in the textile industry.

Providing capital and access to the market in two categories. Find out more

Projects submitted may target media, markets, products or processes M2P2(M2P2) . It is much more than just a design competition, it is a call for ideas, concepts, products, materials or processes that can help the sector to move forward.

category 1: TAKE-OFF AWARD
Entrepreneurs with take-off projects

Be the first to receive
€ 40.000 of seed capital

Call to entrepreneurs with projects that contribute to the innovative power and digital transition of the textile sector. Is your project already concrete (e.g. a prototype or 'proof of concept')? Have you already passed the idea formation phase? And does it also meet the requirements below:

Then this is your chance to make a breakthrough.

category 2: CONCEPT AWARDS
Students with concept ideas

2 Finalists will win
€ 5.000 in cash

No idea is too early. Calling students with ideas for innovative concepts. Textirama Foundation invites students and schools to participate in the textile innovation competition. The ideas submitted need further detailing. The proposals are in the concept- or ideation phase. There is no prototype yet, the feasibility has yet to be examined nor has the market been researched. The concepts also meet the requirements below:


Renowned Jury

A seven person strong, seasoned and renowned jury will assess the submitted projects and draw up a ranking. The highest ranking will be awarded.