Textirama Foundation vision

Textirama Foundation believes that innovation has a positive impact on the dynamics in the sector. The foundation and its members therefore want to make an active contribution.

Our vision is based on two insights.

Innovation is a change that creates value

Value can be created in different ways.

Some innovations are purely market-oriented, others are focused on the digitisation of production or logistics and thus, indirectly, create value for the sector. Of course, new, sustainable materials can also create value. Today it is mainly technological change that creates economic added value.

In short: innovations can include media, markets, products and processes (M2P2). Therefore the Foundation calls for projects and concepts that focus on this domain.

Boost the image of the sector

The textile sector needs visibility and a positive and dynamic image. Traditionally it is a closed sector. Innovation can have a positive impact on the dynamics in the textile industry.

Companies that open themselves up to new ideas are winners. The most important lesson of innovation is that a company does not have to invent or create everything to benefit from it.

Innovation sometimes comes from outside and can encourage an entire sector to innovate as well.